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Welcome to The Family Creative!

A site dedicated to sharing fun, easy and affordable ideas to encourage family connection through creativity.

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Even if you’re super busy, or someone who usually shudders at the thought of glitter and glue sticks, I hope you’ll find something of value here.

On this blog you’ll find:

  • tips, ideas and inspiration for nurturing and celebrating family life
  • art and craft activities
  • easy food and play recipes to make with kids
  • tips for getting organised (so we can clear the clutter from our lives and schedules, to make room for more creativity and family fun!)
  • resources for all of the above
  • and much more…

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About Donelle

Donelle and Miss 5 - About - The Family Creative

Hello there! I’m Donelle, the author of ‘The Family Creative’. I love making things, Salsa dancing and I’m a Minimalist wannabe. I’m Mum to one girl and one boy, who I think are pretty awesome. We currently live, along with my Hubby, in Tasmania, Australia. We love having fun together, being creative and celebrating (often for no apparent reason…).

I hope you’ll join us as we explore and share different ways to encourage family connection through creativity.

More About Donelle

I’ve always loved making things. In the days before we could carry the internet around in our pocket, I grew up on a farm where my siblings and I were encouraged to make our own fun. We had to, we only had one television station!

Nanna Garland and Donelle - The Family Creative
‘Nanna Garland’ and I on my fifth birthday

As a small child, I spent a lot of time with a wonderful lady who I ‘adopted’ as an extra grandmother. ‘Nanna Garland’ taught me how to make my first pom pom, how to french knit and made me lots of gorgeous little dresses. Unfortunately she passed away when I was still quite young. And although nothing we ever made together would have been considered ‘Pintrest perfect’, I’ve always remembered the time I spent, and the fun I had, making things with her.

Fast forward 20+ years, with my own children (and access to internet!) and I’m still making my own fun! I still enjoy finding any excuse to try new crafty pursuits, baking, giving handmade gifts and celebrating family, especially amid the stress of everyday life.

While our finished products are still rarely ‘Pintrest perfect’, the creative process and time together is what we really value (and it’s lots of fun…most of the time…). I’m in a really special stage of life, enjoying seeing our children develop their own little creative selves. We provide them with the free time, materials and encouragement to do so, then we get out of their way!

Marble Painting - connect through creativity - The Family Creative

Our daughter is five and currently enjoys putting on impromptu dance performances at home (and in public!). She’s often heard muttering, “I can make something with that!” whenever she finds an empty tissue box or milk bottle on its way to the recycling bin.

Our son is almost two. He currently enjoys snuggling up for stories, playing outside and ‘helping’ Mummy in the kitchen.

I’m continually striving to embrace ‘Nanna Garland’s’ love of family and of creating, as we write our own family’s story.

I hope you’ll join us on this adventure!

What did I do before starting this blog?

Ooh, lots of things… Just a few include:

Donelle - Travel - About - The Family Creative

  • Graduating from University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree
  • Backpacking solo around the world
  • Living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Visiting 20+ countries
  • Meeting, marrying, then starting a family with a lovely man, all within three years
  • Working in a variety of settings but most recently, before staying home to raise our kids, I worked in international development for the Australian Government.
  • Since being at home, I established a Handmade Market in the local area. When my father became terminally ill, I chose to pass the market on to new owners so I could spend more time with him. I started the market to provide an opportunity for local artists, designers, craftspeople, growers and gourmets to showcase their talents and wares. The focus being on high quality handmade items and local produce (I told you I love this stuff!). It also provided the opportunity for the community to support local, independent makers and producers. Although I am no longer involved in the market, it is still going strong years later which is fantastic.

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