Fun and Meaningful Mothers Day Gift Idea for Kids (+ 3 FREE Printables)

Pink Peonies - Mothers Day - Celebrate - ConnectDon’t get me wrong. Flowers and chocolates are always welcome at our place (just in case Hubby reads this). But when the last of the Easter eggs are removed from stores and replaced with the telltale slippers, bath robes and fizzy bath bombs, it can feel like Mothers Day is just another commercial opportunity.

However you celebrate Mothers Day, it really is a fantastic opportunity for kids to acknowledge their Mum’s best efforts and their contribution to the family. Last year we started a lovely tradition that I hope will continue for many Mothers Days to come. It’s easy, budget friendly, and something that will be treasured for many years. It can be given instead of a bought gift, or as well as, if your family likes to go the traditional gift giving route!

Essentially, we wrote down a list of questions, and Hubby recorded Miss 5 answering them (she was Miss 4 at the time). That’s it. The whole ‘interview’ only went for a few minutes but it is absolutely priceless. We watched last year’s interview movie again recently. It was amazing to see how much Miss 5 has grown and changed in just one year. She still had two front teeth, for a start! And it was so gorgeous to hear a four year old’s thoughts about their Mum.

If your kids would like to try this idea, check out our three FREE printables. Kids can use one, two, or all three to create something unique for Mum this Mothers Day.

Mothers Day Printables Image - Celebrate - ConnectPrintables:

  • ‘Mothers Day Interview’ questions (2 pages with more than 15 prompts);
  • ‘10 things I love about my Mum’ template; and
  • A ‘Mummy and Me’ page

The interview questions and blank list can be written on directly or used as the basis for creating a Mothers Day interview. Kids can use the ‘Mummy and Me’ page to draw a picture of themselves with their Mum, or to stick a photo on to.

Tips for conducting a ‘Mothers Day Interview’

The Mothers Day interview can be created at the last minute with no advance preparation at all. Sometimes ‘off the cuff’ answers are the most memorable. But if you have a bit more time, or would like to make the finished product slightly more ‘polished’, these tips might come in handy.

You don’t need any high tech equipment

  • If you have a video recorder, that’s great! If not, the ‘video’ function on a phone is fine. The finished interview can be burnt to DVD, or replayed directly from the recording device. If you have access to movie making software you can get fancy with adding text and even music if you like.
  • If you don’t have a recording device at all, the answers can be hand written directly onto the interview printable. Either by the child or they can dictate their thoughts to an adult if they’re not at the writing stage yet.

Set them up for success

  • If you’re a Mum reading this, and you don’t think your Hubby or partner might stumble upon this post, all is not lost. Don’t feel bad about forwarding them this post, or even printing the printables and letting them know you’d like this for Mothers Day. I love my Hubby dearly but this kind of thing may not have been on his radar without prompting. Once I suggested it, he loved the idea; had fun working on a special ‘surprise project for Mummy’ with Miss 4; and even added text and other fun things to the video. If you’re parenting solo, ask a friend to conduct the interview with your kids.
  • Let your kids have a copy of the questions in advance. If they’re a bit older, they might like to jot down some ideas. If they aren’t reading yet, ask whoever will be recording the interview, to run through the questions with the kids beforehand, so they have a chance to think about the answers.

Beware of context

  • If Mum’s just had to discipline the kids, or the kids are in a bad mood for whatever reason, hold off. We don’t want to influence their answers but it’s meant to be a bit of fun and something positive. Not an exposé of all the things Mum could apparently be doing better! Getting the kids in a good mood before you start might be a good idea.
  • When Hubby and Miss 4 made my video last year, I happened to be in the kitchen washing up. It was so funny to hear how many times ‘washing up’ came up as an answer to questions ranging from ‘My Mum is really good at…’ to ‘My Mum spends lots of time…’. The answers may not always be a true reflection (at least I hope not…) but they’re sure to be super cute at the very least.

Let them choose their outfit

  • If something’s going to be immortalised on film, it can be tempting to think everything needs to be perfect. Let your kids have fun choosing what to wear for their interview. Let them know they’re creating something special for Mum and let them be creative in what they think is appropriate, clothing and hairstyle wise. The more years that pass, the more memorable the footage will be.

Have fun!

Creative Challenge: Print our three FREE Mothers Day printables. Encourage your kids to use some or all of them to create a fun and meaningful Mothers Day gift. Feel free to ‘Share’ this post, using the icons below, with other families who might like to do the same.

Question: What’s the most memorable Mothers Day gift you’ve ever given or received? Let me know in the comments below, or on our Facebook page. I’d love to hear about it.

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