Fun Easter Activity for Kids! Decorate Eggs with a ‘Marbled’ Effect

Kids can make a gorgeous Easter egg display with eggs they’ve helped decorate themselves!

Read on to find out how to create ‘marbled’ eggs. We’ll also show you how to ’empty’ the eggs first, so you can keep the finished masterpieces as decorations during the Easter season and beyond. You can even keep the egg contents for cooking with later!

Marbled eggs - Create - Celebrate

Decorating eggs together is a lovely tradition. It’s a fun activity to do with kids in the lead up to Easter and it’s great for kids to see their finished work on display for all to admire.

We recently tried decorating eggs with a ‘marbled’ effect for the first time which was great fun. Depending on the age and interests of your child, allow them to be involved as much as possible. Mr 2 held largely a ‘supervisory’ role from his high chair (after he crushed an ’empty’ egg in his hands as soon as we gave it to him). But Miss 5 was able to be involved at each step. From poking the holes in the eggs; to emptying the eggs; to dyeing the eggs.

It always seems to give kids such a confidence boost when they’re given the opportunity to try something new. We had a few broken eggs, dyed hands, and not all the holes were perfectly round, but we had fun and now have a little bowl of decorated eggs to put on display for Easter!

How to ’empty’ raw eggs

Emptying the contents of raw eggs before decorating allows you to keep your decorated eggs indefinitely. Learn how to ’empty’ raw eggs.

Child 'emptying' egg before decorating - Create - Celebrate

How to decorate eggs with a ‘marbled’ effect

Using a few kitchen ingredients you can create fantastic ‘marbled’ eggs. Add a few stickers before dyeing the eggs to create gorgeous patterns. Learn how to make ‘marbled’ eggs.Child dyeing 'marbled' eggs - Create - Celebrate

Bowl of 'marbled' eggs

Creative Challenge: Decorate eggs this week for Easter! Try making ‘marbled’ eggs, or decorate however you like. Remember to ’empty’ the eggs first, so you can keep them on display for weeks.

Let me know in the comments below how you decorate eggs for Easter. I’d love to hear about it.

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