“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on” – Albert Einstein

Welcome to the Family Creative! I’m so pleased you’re here.Creativity - child playing with play dough

As you’ll read on our About page, the aim of this site is to provide a place for sharing fun, easy and affordable ideas to encourage family connection through creativity.

I love being creative and encouraging my kids to be creative too.

Whenever I’m taking a tissue box or milk bottle to the recycling bin, I love to hear our five year old yell out, ‘Wait! I can make something with that!’.

I think creativity isn’t so much about whether someone can draw or paint (I have no skills to do either!), but more about the ‘process’ of creating. Problem solving; coming up with ideas; not being afraid to ‘give it a go’; and the freedom to try making or doing something new and different, is so important.

Connect - father and sonIrrespective of what family life may look like for you, there are so many opportunities in the way we play; celebrate together; prepare meals; entertain ourselves; how we discipline; and even how we grieve, to be creative and to connect as a family.

Providing our kids with the time, materials and encouragement to develop these skills in a safe environment, whether their attempts are successful or not, is a wonderful thing.

It doesn’t matter whether you bake a cake, create a website, make a piece of furniture, or establish a business. When you create something that didn’t exist before, there’s so much satisfaction in being able to stand back and say, ‘I made that’.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be adding to the site so you’ll be able to find:Creativity - child painting with cars

  • tips, ideas and inspiration for nurturing and celebrating family life
  • art and craft activities
  • easy food and play recipes to make with kids
  • tips for getting organised (so we can clear the clutter from our lives, schedules and budgets, to make room for more creativity and family fun!)
  • resources for all of the above
  • and much more…

Child playing with Goop Oobleck - CreativityI’d love to hear from you too! I’m learning on the job with this whole parenting gig, and I certainly don’t have all the answers. My ongoing goal is simply to be a better parent than I was yesterday. I’m hoping this will be a site where we can share ideas of what works in your families too.

Even if you’re super busy, or someone who usually shudders at the thought of glitter and glue sticks, I hope you’ll find something of value here.

Thanks so much for being here.

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Please tell me: What does ‘being creative’ mean to you? What’s one way you express creativity in your own life? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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